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The Icynene Spray Foam Insulation System

The Icynene Insulation System is a series of soft, flexible spray foam insulation products that delivers up to 50% greater energy savings when compared to other insulation products. When sprayed in place the Icynene spray expands completely filling all cavities and voids, creating a sealed building envelope which eliminates air leakage/infiltration. Air leakage/infiltration accounts for up to 50% of heat loss from a building. Unlike other foams, Icynene’s unique polyicynene formulation is 100% water blown and therefore contains no harmful agents, volatile organic chemicals, HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs or formaldehyde. It is certified and approved by the European Technical Approval Board (ETA), the National Standard Authority of Ireland/Irish Agreement Board (NSAI/IAB) and the British Board of Agreement (BBA), making it a completely safe home and commercial insulation product.

Icynene is tested and certified for applications directly to the underside of breathable and non-breathable roof membranes and felts. Recently receiving a BBA certification for this application, Icynene absorbs the lowest amount of moisture and has the highest level of vapour resistivity of any soft foam on the market. Icynene is suitable for attic and loft insulation applications on the horizontal and slope. It is also suitable for walls and floor and in addition to excellent insulation and air tightness values, Icynene also provides excellent noise and sound insulation/reduction properties.

As well as delivering savings on your energy bills, the eco-friendly Icynene insulation system increases the comfort of your home in a safe and healthy manner. By air-sealing your home, it helps block pollutants that can otherwise damage your health. With Icynene you can protect against mould growth, reduce respiratory dangers, and keep pests out plus many more benefits!

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