The Floating House on the Thames: A Solution to London’s Housing Crisis?

Earlier this year Airbnb revealed its latest London listing; a floating house on the River Thames! A fully functioning, entirely insulated house totalling eight metres in height and weighing just over 70 tonnes. The house boasts two large double bedrooms, a living room, a fully working bathroom and even a garden complete with real grass, an apple tree and a doghouse for your furry friend.

The house floated down local neighbourhoods such as Westminster, Canary Wharf and Chelsea taking in the sights of people commuting to work. Airbnb offered a lucky prize-winners a one night stay and dinner in the floating house. They got to experience the unusual décor of a nautical themed home, with plenty of stripes and sailing books scattered around, and there was even a ships wheel next to the kitchen sink.

The online site offers holidaymakers quirky and unusual accommodation for them to stay in, in countries all over the world. Instead of paying through the nose to stay in a generic hotel, the site offers in the city, houses, flats and even light houses to stay in. It has been an ultimate success in the travel sector.

The floating house will host community events and exclusive overnight stays, providing a completely new perspective of the city. Is it the next solution to housing crisis? We’re not so sure, either way we’d love to stay overnight. In case you didn’t get to see the marvellous creation that was the floating house – check it out.

Monday 18th May 2015, London:  AirbnbÕs latest London listing is pictured floating down the River Thames this morning. This pic: The house going past the Houses of Parliament The fully functioning Floating House will sail down the Thames to celebrate new rules that mean that Londoners Ð like the rest of the UK Ð can earn a 15 per cent pay rise* by sharing their homes through sites like Airbnb. Passing under Tower Bridge before gliding past the Shard on its maiden voyage, the House will meander along the river throughout the week until Saturday 22 May. Copyright: © Mikael Buck / Airbnb +44 (0) 782 820 1042

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