Expert Cavity Wall Insulation Installers


The Icynene spray foam pour fill formula is an ideal solution for insulating cavity walls and confined spaces. Our cavity wall insulation installers can use the pour fill version in your home to help with heat loss, as it slowly expands over 3-5 minutes and is fantastic at insulating cavities and tiny spaces. Preventing air leakage/infiltration which often accounts for up to 50% of heat loss from any building, Icynene’s unique polyicynene formula is 100% water blown and does not contain any harmful agents or chemicals.

The Icynene spray foam pour fill is particularly successful at insulating cavities that are partially filled with rigid board PIR or polystyrene board. The classic pour fill will push the rigid board firmly against the inner leaf, filling any voids present in the board insulation. By filling the remaining cavity void, the Icynene insulation system creates a complete fill and an excellent level of air tightness, making your cavity wall insulation more efficient.


Not only this, it is an ideal partner when looking at options for new and existing dry lining insulation. Suitable when new dry lining studs are erected on the internal face of the external wall, the foam will expand to 100 times its initial volume to seal and insulate every crack whilst eliminating cold bridging of the timber or metal studs. The spray foam can be easily injected thorough small 8mm holes in existing dry lining boards and it is particularly successful at insulating hard to treat properties such as historic buildings with lathe and plaster on existing masonry or stone walls.

If you are in the process of constructing a new home, our Icynene spray foam is perfect at complimenting the ecologically friendly method of construction, timber frame. The Icynene foam can be easily applied between the studs of the timber frame to deliver a highly insulated airtight structure which will not sag or settle over time and will maintain a high level of performance for the life time of the building. Services such as plumbing runs or electrical wiring can also be easily encapsulated within the timber frame structure without any danger of overheating or degrading of the wires.


There are many advantages to using the Icynene spray foam as opposed to other insulation methods. It is the only spray foam on the market that has been successfully certified by the BBA (British Board of Agreement) for applications directly to the underside of both breathable and non-breathable roof membranes. As well as excellent cavity wall insulation, air tightness and moisture resistance, Icynene spray foam also provides fantastic noise reduction and sound insulation properties, perfect for noisy media and laundry rooms.

Our expert cavity wall insulation installers are extensively trained and can ensure total support and client satisfaction. If you are interested in our Icynene spray foam insulation for your home, please contact our expert team on 0800 6891429 – they will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.