Greenseal Commercial Insulation Services


Icynene spray foam is an eco-friendly and cost-efficient method of insulation for all building types and has been recently awarded the approval inspection testing certificate by the BBA (British Board of Agreement). Providing an air barrier, sealing easy-to-miss crevices even in unconventional building designs, our commercial insulation system delivers unique and impressive advantages such as extreme energy efficiency. It also preserves your companies building for many years to come and what’s even better, is the Icynene spray foam insulation pays for itself in just 3-4 years on average. It can also help with reducing employee sickness and staff turnover as it; minimises the incoming pollutants such as carbon dioxide, protects against the growth of dangerous moulds, and reduces respiratory threats.


The performance benefits of using our Icynene commercial insulation system includes; up to50% energy savings through minimising your buildings energy loss, noise reduction from indoor rooms such as manufacturing facilities, workshops and server rooms, and also reduction from outdoor noise pollution such as traffic. Our Icynene spray foam system also prevents against water and condensation, managing the temperature of buildings even with dual climates.


Our Icynene spray foam is installed on-site by our extensively trained and licensed Icynene contractors who offer a superior level of service, and share our passion for excellence and client satisfaction. Icynene spray foam is available in variety of different options for both new construction and renovation projects. Our Icynene spray foam engineers will work closely with your architects and builders to ensure our products are integrated with other building system elements for superior building performance.


For more information about how our Icynene spray foam insulation can improve the performance of your commercial building, call our expert team on 0800 6891429! They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.