Sound Insulation Services

The Icynene insulation system is a series of spray foam insulation products that deliver fantastic results and excellent energy savings. The market-leading product has been certified by the BBA (British Board of Agreement) and used on more than 350,000 insulation projects in the past 25 years. When sprayed, the formula expands in size completely filling all voids, cavities and tiny spaces – eliminating air leakage and infiltration. The Icynene product is both environmentally and economically friendly and can produce energy savings of up to 50%!


Not only can it deliver excellent savings on your energy bills but, the Icynene system is also a fantastic solution to sound insulation. Just as the Icynene formula seals against air and moisture, it can also reduce noise transfer in your home or commercial buildings. This is particularly useful for loud rooms such as media and laundry rooms, as well as blocking out noise from outside traffic. Thanks to the sound-dampening qualities of the Icynene formula, annoyances related to thin walls can also be easily resolved.


Here at Greenseal our expert Icynene insulation installers will help you to create a peaceful and relaxing environment within your home. Whether you are looking to reduce the noise transfer in your existing home or a new building project, they will be able to help you!

Our Icynene sound insulation is also ideal for floors and unconditioned spaces including basements and cellars where there is usually a lack of quality insulation. By using Icynene spray foam here, you can benefit from improved floor temperatures, noise reduction and minimised risk of buckling hardwood floors.

As well as sound insulation and energy saving benefits, the Icynene insulation system can also improve the overall comfort and safety of your home. By using the Icynene spray foam to air-seal your home, it will help to block out pollutants and protect against the growth of mould which can have damaging effects to your health. Our eco-friendly insulation system can also provide increased durability to the life of your building, plus many other benefits! Why not call our expert team today on 0800 6891429 and tell them your requirements. They will be able to offer all the industry advice needed to get your sound insulation right.